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Terms And Conditions

Highway41 Classic Cars llc`s agreement requirements for renter include, but are not limited to: proof of full-coverage insurance covering value of above mentioned vehicle; valid license to operate a motor vehicle; payment of the total estimated cost term at the time of reservations; security deposit , in the event of loss, damage, delayed charges or fees during the term of this agreement, to defray fully or partially any final cost of from term of rental agreement, and an acceptance of terms and conditions. In the absence of damage, loss, or additional charges, the deposit shall be returned in full to the renter. The renter is hereby responsible for any damage to the vehicle during the term of this agreement, regardless is someone else is at fault or the cause is unknown. The renter is fully responsible for the cost of any repair up to the value of the vehicle. The renter agrees to reimburse Highway41 Classic Cars llc for any and all damage to and/or loss of said motor vehicle caused during the term of this agreement. The renter agrees all fuel used shall be paid for by the renter.

Requirements for Renting

  • Driver must have a valid driver’s license
  • Driver must be 25 years or older
  • Driver must carry full coverage auto insurance
  • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
  • Signed Rental Agreement

Additional Driver’s Fee

Additional driver’s fee is subject to $100 per driver. All additional drivers must meet age and insurance requirements, provide a valid driver’s license, fill out an additional driver form and provide copies of required documentation.

Rental Charges

Applicable daily, weekly, or monthly rental & delivery rates will be charged once the vehicle has been reserved prior to delivery.
Mileage and fuel charges will be calculated upon return of the vehicle and charged.

Vehicles are provided to renters with a full tank of premium gas. If for any reason a vehicle does not have a full tank of gas, the gas level is noted on the rental agreement. If the vehicle is returned with any amount less, the renter is subject to a per gallon fee not to exceed 50% above local market price.

Vehicle Inspection

All of our classic or exotic rentals are inspected prior to being rented as well as upon return. Our inspection includes providing routine maintenance as well as locating and/or fixing any areas of concerns. This inspection is to ensure top notch performance of our classic and exotic vehicles for customer enjoyment and satisfaction. Oil check is recommandet all 250 Miles by the renter , by himself, or by Highway41 classic cars llc .

Maintenance or Traffic Violation

Highway41 Classic Cars llc reserves the right to a 72 hour inspection period from the time the vehicle is brought back to accurately inspect vehicles for mechanical or bodily damages, after which point any damages or contract violations (i.e. traffic violations, parking tickets, impounds, or other fines) may be billed upon final inspection.

The renter is responsible for the payment of any traffic or parking violations issues while the renter was in possession of the vehicle. Highway41 Classic Cars llc is allotted 30 calendar days from the time the vehicle was returned to notify the renter of any additional charges and the reason behind them. If the vehicle was impounded the renter is responsible for any fees associated with the impound as well as fees due to Highway41 classic cars llc for the days the vehicle would have been rented if requested by other clients.

In case of….

Any service to or replacement of a part or accessory of the vehicle may only be done with Highway41 classic cars llc prior written approval. If you or an authorized driver smells any oil, gasoline or kind of burning , or hear unusual mechanically noises, you agree to stop the vehicle immediate in a safe place and call Highway41 classic cars llc for roadside assistance. A Highway41 classic cars llc employee or/and authorized Roadside Assistant Partner will come out and inspect the vehicle and make arrangements for a replacement vehicle, if necessary and available. In case of a vehicle fire you agree to immediately call the fire department first and then notify Highway41 classic cars llc. You agree to immediately report to the police any accidents involving property or bodily injury. In an event of an accident causing any property damage or bodily injury you agree to inform Highway41 classic cars llc immediately. You also agree to send a detailed explanation of how the accident happened to Highway41 classic cars llc within 24 hours after the accident. . You will not authorize any repairs to the vehicle without prior Highway41 classic cars llc approval. You are fully responsible for and liable for any unauthorized repairs and any damage caused thereby.

Accident Reporting Procedure

In the event of an accident, the renter should contact police to report the accident, and obtain a police report. The renter should obtain the name, address, license plate number, VIN, insurance carrier and policy information of the other vehicle’s operator. All reports and/or documentation are to be presented to the rental agent as soon after the accident as possible or upon return of the rented vehicle.

Car Rental Extensions

If the renter should require a rental extension rather than the specified date in the rental agreement, the renter must contact a Highway41 Classic Cars llc representative. Based on the availability of the vehicle the extension may be approved and an amended contract and payment must be processed, signed, and returned during hours of operation by the date specified in the original contract. Failure to comply with the proper provisions of the rental contract or contract extension, or lack of agreement between both parties for a rental extension will result in the total loss of security deposit (if obtained) and provides Highway41 Classic Cars llc the right to collect the rental vehicle as well as charge a $250 processing fee.

Car Delivery Drop off and Pick Up

We will deliver your car to any location servicing Cape Coral/Fort Myers and its surrounding locations. Local delivery fees are based upon mileage and time allotted for selected vehicles.

Rental Restrictions

  • Smoking
    • Smoking of any sort is strictly prohibited in all of our vehicles. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a cleaning charge of $250.
  • Illegal Racing
    • Our cars are for the class and convenience of all customers, however we do not permit any of our vehicles to be driven for any legal or illegal activities such to include; street racing, drag racing, red lining, hot rodding, harsh braking, or rapid acceleration. Abusive driving will result in traffic violations, accident prone conditions, and become a safety hazard to pedestrians as well as other motor vehicles. Any contract violations will result in additional fees, not limited to loss of security deposit as well as vehicle maintenance fees.
  • Driving Restrictions
    • All of our vehicles must be operated on state or county maintained roads. The operation of vehicles is prohibited on unpaved roads, raceways, or any other surfaces outside of mentioned roads.
  • Contract Violations
    • All state and local laws apply when operating a motor vehicle. Contract violations include but are not limited to: driving recklessly or operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance; failure to properly report an accident to police and Highway41 Classic Cars llc ; obtaining the car through misrepresentation; using the car for an illegal purpose; engaging in a speed contest; towing of any sort; rental vehicle is driven by an unauthorized driver; leaving the car and failing to remove the keys or failure to close and lock all doors resulting in the car being stolen or vandalized; abusive driving; or failure to comply with the no smoking policy. In the event that a rental is kept for longer than the time allotted and breaches the rental contract it will result in additional fees as well as the collection of the rental vehicle.
    • If any part, term, or provision of this Agreement shall be held void, illegal or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining parts, terms or provisions shall not be affected thereby.
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